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Client Album

Client Album: The album company, Finao, that I have been using to make my client’s custom wedding albums for the past five years offers an incredible selection of more than 75 leathers that my clients can choose from to mix and match to create a cover that best suites their style. The combinations are almost limitless. Many clients choose a base cover leather and then add a second leather as an accent to add interest similar to what Kari and Ray have done. For more examples of two leather covers browse through the many other examples in the ‘Products‘ section of my website.  Finao also offers a beautiful line of silks and silk brocades that are simply stunning. These too can be combined with a leather to make a gorgeous cover design, Kathryn + Preston.

When logistically possible we do an in-person meeting with our wedding clients and use an app on my iPad to show them exactly how their cover selections will look before we order their album.



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