Do you photograph Indian weddings?

Yes, I have photographed several and here are links to a couple of our most recent ones: Shobhaa + Jagan and Namita + Rajiv

Do you photograph Chinese weddings?

Yes, I have photographed several in the past and here are links to a couple of them: Yilin + Aiyin also Yenfen + Michael

Do you photogrpah Jewish weddings?

Yes I have: Melanie + Andrew

Do you photograph Destination Weddings?

I do and I have, including some out of the country, such as this Irish wedding: Mary + Steve. I’m happy to create custom packages to fit whatever you have planned including air fare. Our clients provide lodging at the same location where guests will be staying.

Do you always work with a second Photographer?

All of my packages include a second professional photographer. For weddings with over 350 guests a third photographer can be added on.

Can I give you a list of photos to shoot?

We approach photographing weddings by trying to find and capture moments that are unique to you, your family and friends. They happen all throughout the day so we have to be on our toes. My aim then, is to deliver a set of photos that will do just that and help you to remember all the specialness of your very personal day. Therefore, I don’t accept a list of photos other than your family groupings if you wish to provide those. Because if I’m looking at a list and trying to check off the photos on the list then I’m going to be missing the real moments from your day. More can be found here about: Our Approach

Okay, so the wedding is over. When can I see my photos? How long after the wedding before we get our photos?  Can you give us a time frame?

Within 14-21 days after your wedding we will have them hosted in an on-line password protected gallery that you can share with your family and friends. Next step is for you to select the photos for your album, once we have that list of photos we typically will have your album designed in 7-10 days. Once we have your approval on the design and payment from you for any upgrades or additional photos we will then order your album. From the time that we order it, turn arounds are generally 2-3 weeks.

Will I get images on a disc?

Technically we deliver your finished photos on a flash drive when we deliver your album.

Do you do any post processing work to our photos?

All photos that appear in your photo gallery and that are delivered to you on your flash drive will be exposure adjusted and color corrected and in some cases cropped for best composition. No retouching is done expect to photos that will be used in your album or that are ordered as prints. We typically do not apply special photoshop treatments, such as vintage effects, unless requested.

Will we have photo rights to our photos?

Yes, you will be provided with a PDF print release letter granting you permission to make all the prints that you wish perpetually. Both the print release and the digital files can be shared with whomever you wish. The only thing that you do not have permission to do is to give or sell your photos to other wedding professionals, including wedding blogs. Instead have them contact us so that we can provide properly sized and cropped photos for their web or print use.

Will our photos be watermarked?

Not your digital files. Prints ordered though the on-line gallery will have a small semi-transparent logo from MARK ROMINE PHOTOGRAPHY that will be placed in either the lower right or left hand corner of the photo.

Is your business insured?

Yes we carry liability insurance and I can provide a certificate of insurance for your venue if given seven business days to do so.

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes, we bring multiple pieces of back-up gear including camera bodies, lenses and flashes.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with other questions or concerns.