Mark – Who Is He?

Mark – Who Is He?

My hometown; Little America, IL – no kidding. Technically that was the closest town to my parents farm. And it was just as big and exciting as it sounds. All in all, I still love the country to this day.

Life did get much bigger after that – like New York City big. I spent the first 10 years of my photographic career in NYC doing editorial photography for periodicals and stock photography for advertising.

There is, quite simply, no other city like NYC. The energy of that city shaped my photographic style and I still return there every chance I get. After my wife, Susan, and I returned to Illinois, I continued doing commercial and stock photography for advertising, corporate clients, architects, etc. That was all well and good until . . .

Our oldest niece married 16 years ago and I gifted her with wedding photography. In reality the gift ended up being for me – I was hooked.

How much better can it be than to work with people who are young and in love? It’s contagious. Every couple and every wedding has its own personality and energy – that’s what I want to capture.

Whether a wedding is on the family farm, in the city, somewhere in between or on a beach in Mexico, my comfort zone is broad. I love the challenge and spontaneity of every wedding and every location.

Below are some of the crazy photos of me working, mostly at real weddings. Taken by two of my former employees Katelyn and Jess.

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