The Proposal Ewing Mansion | Jamie + Mike

The Proposal Ewing Mansion, Bloomington, IL Wedding Photographer

Over the years I’ve had to opportunity and privilege to photograph a few weddings and I’ve loved them all. Each one is special and unique in their own way. But I was recently asked to photograph something that I have only been a part of one other time in my life. The first time was over thirty years ago at my own proposal and that one I did not get to photograph but it would have been wonderful to have had it photographed. Mike, the future groom contacted me a few weeks ago about having me be present to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Jamie. Well the only thing stopping me would be if my calendar was already full, thankfully it was not. October 22nd was the day selected and the location the Ewing Cultural Center in Bloomington. On Monday of that week I met Mike at Ewing so we could scout a spot that would provide a good background and nice lighting. Mike had a place in mind already and I said this looks good to me too. We then proceeded to rehearse how it would all take place. It was now a go for Saturday! When the day arrived the weather was perfect and of course the location is about as good as it gets. I got in position and pretended to be like a tourist taking photos of the mansion and the fall colors. They had brought a blanket and a picnic lunch and had spread that out on the lawn of back patio. When it came time for Mike to propose I was to watch for his cue and be ready to move in quickly. My cue was to watch for him to stand up. Well the rest is history as they say. It was a total surprise to Jamie and yes she did say ‘yes’. What a moment to be a apart of and to photograph! It was beautiful! Very special! Thanks guys for giving me the privilege and I wish you all the best in your years to come.


(If you know Jamie or Mike then don’t hesitate to leave a comment about them or their photos)

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